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Management Service in Public Organizations in Badajoz

Today’s business and business dynamics, whatever their size, and the restless act of the marketplace, increasingly need external assistance in the implementation and enhancement of accounting and control plans and systems.

This is why we offer you at the Government Agency Management Service in Badajoz. Being able to outsource all or part of these administrative processes is a good decision for agility and profitability and to allocate your own resources to key areas of your business.

We perform all necessary procedures in public agencies, mortgage processing, notary document consulting and management, deed administration, traffic management, work, residence and foreign permits, birth and death certificates, mandatory telematic notifications, license administration. trade and industry opening, inheritance tax management, inheritance, etc …

Find out what we can do as your Public Organizations Management Service.

  • Land Registration: Registration of deeds, obtaining simple notes, certifications, charges and encumbrances, verifications …).
  • Civil Registration: Obtaining certificates in (birth, marriage, death).
  • Ministry of Justice: certificates of last will and criminal record.
  • Municipalities: processing all types of permits and licenses (works, business opening, labels, …) and obtaining certificates (coexistence, registration …).
  • Spanish Patent and Trademark Office: Trademark application, trade name, patents …
  • Monitoring for the processing of notary documents.
  • Documents that require the intervention of public notaries.
  • Advice and management in all types of procedures before official bodies.
  • All kinds of procedures and appeals before public agencies.

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If you are a self-employed (SME) company or you are a businessman looking to make the most of your time and your ignorance of administrative records, we offer the Public Organizations Management Service in Badajoz, a service that covers a multitude of nature-oriented procedures. It must be resolved before the Public Administration.