Carlos González Meléndez is a tax and administrative management consultant, labor and accounting consultant located in Badajoz, in the Eurodom building. In our Administration – Business Council – SMEs, we can handle all the tedious administrative functions required during the activity of any business (SME). Within our business consulting service in Badajoz, we can tailor and work on the tasks your employer specifically needs. All always according to the requests of our customers. Depending on your choice, our business consulting and consulting services will vary for a flat monthly fee. This way we avoid generating unexpected bills and expenses.

Our intention is to offer a management and consulting service to companies in full Badajoz, meaning we do not want to let fringes loose. We want you to entrust us with the management and consulting of all areas (tax, labor and accounting) of your small or medium business.

For your company (SME), we offer you as an agency – consultancy, a full service.

We take care of your administrative and labor, tax and accounting procedures.

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We know that administrative tasks are not the core of a business, although it is necessary and mandatory to perform them. However, being able to entrust your Badajoz consulting firm to trusted specialists will allow any company to focus on its own business, focusing on generating your valuable revenue. Our advice and management for companies in Badajoz will allow different entities to have some peace of mind as we address these needs.

Our business consulting service in Badajoz will have different areas of action, including accounting, labor and tax consulting. That way we can say that we will cover all the needs your company has.

In our administrative management and business consulting in Badajoz, we offer the most personalized service to our clients, as directly as possible. Our work system is based on full cooperation and trust between entrepreneurs and our advice and management. Of course, we guarantee the absolute confidentiality of all data provided to us.

Agency Contact Form – Business Advice (SME) in Badajoz

Do you have any questions as a company for advice? Want to request a quote for Business Advice in Badajoz? Do not hesitate and fill out the form without any commitment and we will contact you.

We will also assist you at our Badajoz office in the Eurodom building from 8:00 to 15:00.

C / Luis Álvarez Lencero, 3, planta 4ª, oficina 13 – [Edificio Eurodom] 06011 Badajoz ( Spain )

Or you can also call: +34 924 239 658

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