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Labor, tax and accounting advice.

We share a common goal: to move your business forward.

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OUR MISSION: It is to process and resolve all your doubts, incidents and obligations that arise in your business and institutional activities, improving the quality of your management and increasing your result.

OUR VISION: To provide professional, quality service at a very competitive price in order to have the support you need to optimize your business decisions.

OUR VALUES: The Agency and Advisory in Badajoz is focused on the correct fulfillment of the legal obligations of our clients, maximizing the advantages that the current legislation allows at every moment

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CGMGES - Foto de las oficinas de la Gestoría Asesoría en Badajoz - Gestoría Administrativa, Asesoría Laboral, Asesoría Fiscal, Asesoría Contable

THE TEAM: We have a team of highly qualified, specialized professionals with extensive experience in management and business consulting. We are willing to surrender to your project to help your business; and we will engage from the first moment, as if it were our own business.

PROFESSIONALITY: We want our Board and Board in Badajoz to become your point of reference, with professionalism, seriousness and trust; solve all the bureaucratic and administrative procedures and inconveniences that arise in the day-to-day business development of your business as an SME or freelance.

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We are convinced that we can help you, whether you are an SME, a self employed or an entrepreneur.

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