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Tax Consulting Service

We offer companies (SMEs) and freelancers tailor-made tax and tax advice, developing solutions that are optimized to achieve the largest state and regional tax savings to fit the legal framework.

At Badajoz Finance Bureau, we take care of all the necessary procedures with the different administrations, so you can have more time for your work. It is also our duty to be current with any tax regulatory changes or modifications that may affect you in light of the obligations and rights to which you may benefit.

We are always following the norm so you can benefit from planning every tax or tax contribution in detail to save your precious euros.

Find out what we can do as your Fiscal Council in Badajoz.

  • Advice before setting up a company, indicating the most appropriate legal form according to the future development of the company.
  • We carry out the Income Statement and the Equity Statement.
  • Processing of municipal and Junta de Extremadura taxes such as inheritance and gift taxes, transfer taxes, documented legal acts, property and real estate taxes, …)
  • Evaluation of the different tax repercussions that some operations cause, in order to find the best alternative for our clients in the short and long term.
  • Our clients always have copies of all submitted documentation and statements.
  • Study and evaluation before the end of the year, evaluating the different alternatives in the final decision-making process, so that they may be the most advantageous, reducing the tax burden to which you are subject to declare income tax or corporation tax. We strongly advise you not to overpay.
  • We have extensive experience in making tax returns, being accurate and error free, limited to the activity of each company or independent.
  • At Badajoz tax consultancy, we also take care of the creation and presentation, both physical and telematic of periodic declarations and agreements, as well as other taxes.
  • Another of our services is the filing of proceedings before different local, regional and national administrations such as assistance and defense in tax inspections, settlements, response to requirements or appeals, receipt of electronic notifications (DEH), etc.

CGMGES - Foto Asesoría Fiscal en Badajoz, Gestoría Asesoría en Badajoz - Gestoría Administrativa, Asesoría Laboral, Fiscal y Contable

If you are a business (SME), self-employed or a businessman looking for ways to make your time profitable and save taxes, count on our Badajoz Tax Advisory, we recommend you get it. We have created a service to suit you, if you are a small business, we adjust rates for freelancers and freelancers.