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Accounting Consulting Service

In addition to being a legal obligation for people and businesses for the growth of our society, accounting is also a mechanism that allows a company (SME) or freelance to disclose or quantify where it makes investments, expenses and revenues and thanks. This is what decides your short and long term economic strategies.

At Badajoz Accounting Advisory, we like to simplify by offering all your accounting information in an up-to-date manner and in an easy-to-understand format without having a great knowledge of accounting or taxation. This will make it easier for you to make decisions thanks to accounting study and helping your business profitability. A simple language, so you don’t lose an account.

The software tool we use to maintain accounting is one of the most powerful and well-known, responsible for periodically updating accounting and tax developments that allow us to save time with your accounts.

On the other hand, the costs of our advice are consistent with our work and the reality of your business, always adapting.

Find out what we can do as your Accounting Advisor in Badajoz.

  • Preparation and delivery of the Annual Accounts in the Commercial Registry, with the report, the balance sheets, the income statement and the rest of the necessary documents.
  • We maintain the accounting and supervision of accounts made by its employees, for confirmation and correction of accounting errors in the posting or application of current accounting standards.
  • At Badajoz Accounting Consulting, we study and analyze depreciation and capital provisions.
  • We also carry out treasury accounting and its control of collection and payment accounts, according to the banking entities with which the company works.
  • We carry out custom studies of operations profitability analysis or cost accounting.
  • In addition, if you are a client of our consulting agency in Badajoz, we are specialists in preparing accounting reports for third parties and advising, of course, with the utmost confidentiality.
  • We also periodically inform our customers about changes in accounting and accounting obligations.
  • Study and evaluation before the end of the accounting and fiscal years, valuing the different alternatives in the final decision making, so that they may be the most advantageous.
  • We also carry out digital transmissions with different administrations, as well as the registration of official books in the corresponding offices of the Mercantile Registry.

CGMGES - Foto Asesoría Contable en Badajoz, Gestoría Asesoría en Badajoz - Gestoría Administrativa, Asesoría Laboral, Fiscal y Contable

We offer accounts very clearly to improve your management of your business and make better decisions with our help.