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Labor Advisory Service

We strive to achieve greater equality between the needs of each company and the rights of their workers, fulfilling that yes, the legal framework on labor issues. We have extensive experience in advising on resolving corporate labor issues, many of which stem from incorrect employee information or previous regulations.

At Badajoz Labor Advisory, we take care of the main administrative matters or tasks such as payroll preparation, social insurance, high or low contracts, … All labor disputes that arise and need to be included in our competence before the Badajoz Labor Office. appropriate agency, such as conciliations, labor inspections, Social Security inspections, …

We are always alert to inform you of the different allowances or bonuses available according to your industry and we also comply with existing legal regulations to reduce costs and avoid long-term labor issues

Find out what we can do as your Employment Consultant in Badajoz.

  • Customized drafting of special nature employment contracts (such as senior management, sales or collaboration representatives, or expert advice).
  • We perform procedures related to the ERE (Employment Regulation Archives).
  • Processing of high, low contracts and variations in working conditions for employed persons and self-employed workers.
  • Processing in hiring domestic workers and caregivers.
  • Periodically, we report the costs of the company hired by your team.
  • Another of our excellent advisory services in Badajoz is foreign, mainly in Portugal.
  • Monthly, we prepare payroll and social contribution newsletters.
  • We are up to date on the modifications and application of the different collective agreements according to the sector of each company.
  • In addition to high or low employment contracts, we also process settlements and layoffs, company certificates, withholding certificates, … We even process pensions or allowances.
  • We also advise all companies or freelancers on Occupational Risk Prevention in order to save us from unwanted situations.
  • Another of our services is the filing of formalities before the different local, regional and national administrations or before the conciliation and arbitration bodies, with advice and mediation, as well as the defense before the Labor Inspection or Labor Safety, and other minor procedures. , such as resources, certificates, applications, …
  • We perform procedures and procedures before the Salary Guarantee Fund.
  • We are also up to date on counseling, counseling and processing allowances and bonuses for hiring workers.

CGMGES - Foto Asesoría Laboral en Badajoz, Gestoría Asesoría en Badajoz - Gestoría Administrativa, Asesoría Laboral, Fiscal y Contable

We are in direct contact with the Administration through the RED system and we manage your documents quickly and efficiently. We have a private client area that allows you to securely and confidentially access your company’s current working documentation online: payroll, social security, etc. Consult us the conditions of access.