Carlos González Meléndez is a tax and administrative management consultant, labor and accounting consultant located in Badajoz, in the Eurodom building. On our board of directors – for freelancers, we know perfectly well what it means to be self-employed in these changing times. Self-employed people have no choice but to devote time and soul to the activity; and they should often spend more time than they would like on paperwork and bureaucratic and tax obligations.

If it often happens to cover the amount of work a company does on a self-employed person, it is not difficult to think that, if above, they should be aware of legislative changes in tax advice, labor advice and accounting advice, the thing gets very complicated.

At Our Agency – The board for freelancers in Badajoz seeks to offer an affordable solution to all freelancers who don’t have the time to do this work by learning and wasting time on more productive things. We want to offer a management and consulting service for freelancers in Badajoz, tailored to every freelance and what you need.

As a freelancer, you just have to worry about expanding your business.

We take care of your administrative and labor, tax and accounting procedures.

CGMGES - Foto Asesoría para Autónomos en Badajoz, Gestoría y Asesoría en Badajoz - Gestoría Administrativa, Asesoría Laboral, Fiscal y Contable

Can you imagine dedicating yourself exclusively to what you specialize in? Leave it to us to satisfy your administrative administration needs.

At the board of directors for freelancers we offer personal, direct and professional treatment of our freelance management and consulting service in Badajoz. Our work system is based on cooperation and trust between the individual entrepreneur and the consultancy, always ensuring the confidentiality of all data, operations and projects.

Our management and consulting service for freelancers in Badajoz is aimed at all types of companies, who can fund this service for a competitive monthly flat fee, helping you plan your financial management and thus promote the development of your business. That’s what matters most to us.

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Do you have a freelance question for advice? Want to ask us for a consulting budget for freelancers in Badajoz? Do not hesitate and fill out the form without any commitment and we will contact you.

We will also assist you at our Badajoz office in the Eurodom building from 8:00 to 15:00.

C/ Luis Álvarez Lencero, 3, planta 4ª, oficina 13 – [Edificio Eurodom] 06011 Badajoz (Spain)

Or you can also call: +34 924 239 658

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